Friday, May 22, 2015

Well, I made it to Dynamic Landscapes 2015 after taking a hiatus last year. Champlain College has such a beautiful campus, and growing! It's always a double bonus for me to come to Burlington since my younger daughter and her significant other live on the shores of Lake Champlain. And here's an interesting fact to make you all jealous: she's an executive for a beer company and he's an executive for an unnamed ice cream company (hint: it's not Len and Harry's). Ice cream, beer, Lake Champlain sunset, Vermont, and people I love: pretty much my idea of heaven on earth!

Back to the conference: As usual, Dynamic Landscapes is a phenomenal gathering of forward thinking educators of all kinds: classroom teachers, administrators, librarians, integrationists, and the technicians that help us pull it all together. A giant "THANK YOU" to all the folks from VITA-Learn, VSLA, and the Vermont AOE for putting this together.

Super Awesome Sylvia started everything off Thursday morning, and that was...well...Super Awesome! What an amazing, articulate young lady.

I managed to make it to only three official sessions Thursday, but spent my down time wandering (and wondering) at the MakerSpace that's set up throughout the conference.

I missed Andy Plemmons' keynote this morning but plan to go to his presentation later today to make up for it. 

Just left Ed Bianchi's session on creating books using eBookMaker and Chromebooks. Very useful information and wonderful examples of what students can do when they publish their own work. There's so much learning that takes place when students create for an audience that goes beyond the teacher. This will be the topic of an upcoming post in the near future. 

Out of here for now.